Wayne Dykes
AcousTech Music Productions

"Of all the many studio players we have hired over the years, Rick Hinkle is far and away the best. The man is not only a walking encyclopedia of Blues, early R&B, Funk and Rock but is a true professional who has the ear that makes it possible to play in any style. Give him pretty much any stringed instrument and you have an instant track.

Rick has a perfectionist's habit that will not allow him to just play just any instrument through any amp for any job..... he has to know exactly what you are going for and then will figure out the right combinations to make it happen.

Be ready to answer questions when you hire him. Be ready to be blown away when you hear the tracks."


Jerry Ragovoy

"When living in NYC for 30 years I had the good fortune of working with the great NYC studio musicians. When I moved to Atlanta in 1993 I was concerned about the quality of the local musicians. I quickly found out my concerns were a waste of time. The Atlanta musicians were excellent. However, and in particular, I met a guitarist who is superb in any musical form or idiom. R & B – Pop - Semi Classical – and more. In effect, OUTSTANDING!

His name is Rick Hinkle. A stroke of luck for me. I was producing an artist (Howard Tate) who was appearing at a club in NYC. Rick was so important to me I flew him to NYC to be part of the band. In retrospect, I made a great decision by having Rick play in the band. As expected, Rick was outstanding."


Don "O Yu Yu Yo" Stewart
(Former keyboardist for Stella Parton)

"I wasn’t asking for much, only that a guitarist go but a single inch beyond mediocrity on my original songs. Sorry, but I couldn’t find such a one in my part of the world. However, thanks to the gift of the Internet, I found so much more than all I sought, in Atlanta, Georgia - in the person of Rick Hinkle!

Rick virtually leapt beyond that difficult ‘single inch past mediocrity,’ directly into the exclusive inner circle of Genius; a title I do not confer lightly upon a fellow artist. Rick Hinkle has glorified my music with copious amounts of soul, as well as technical expertise, to a degree other aspirants can only dream of. And I shall employ him at every opportunity!"


Steve Carey
Owner, Scarey Productions Inc.

"Rick Hinkle has played extensively on my new CD, all via internet and FTP. His guitar work is always exactly what I needed, with great tones that sit well in the mix. He does the work quickly and is ready to make any updates or corrections with no hassles. I can highly recommend Rick for any genre of music."


David Brian Smith

"I have known Rick Hinkle for many years but only recently have I used his services for my own material. I could kick myself for not discovering his wonderful talent earlier. Rick's thoughtful approach and vast array of new and vintage gear and guitars makes him an absolute goldmine for any singer songwriter like myself who wishes to take their songs to the next level. I cannot think of anyone who takes more care and experience into a project. Top that off with the technology of being able get the music back and forth via FTP and it just becomes a winner all the way around! As a cherry on top, Rick is truly as easygoing a human being as there is, making it a joy to work with him.

I would recommend Rick Hinkle for ANY project from Blues to Hard Rock to Jazz to, well you name it....... how 'bout dixieland banjo for instance...."

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